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Patriotic Weekly Review: Dionne Moller – PWR 121119

Mark Collett and his regular co-hosts are joined by Dionne Moller for her second visit, to discuss the recent anti-White rants from Tommy Robinson.

Mark begins by pointing out the gradual change of loyalties in Tommy, before asking where all the donations for the grooming documentary went?

Victims who were expecting him to tell their story have been let down and loyal supporters have suffered vile abuse for questioning some of his views.

Dionne explains how Tommy has started various different companies that don’t appear to do anything and when the accounts become overdue, the companies are liquidated by a Jewish firm at an address known for money laundering.

Tommy is a goodwill ambassador for an arts charity with a £100,000 fund that he oversees and the Tommy Movement itself fulfils the criteria for a charity, yet provides no accounts.

The bus that he claims he needed to turn into a studio, had already been purchased and this was the third time he begged funds for a still non-existent studio.

Even when he was at Rebel Media pushing the begging bowl around, the Middle East Forum and other rich Jews were paying his salary.

His con-man crimes against Nationalism are being exposed and his use of Leftist trigger words to smear genuine Nationalists is no longer working, as a fifth of his Telegram supporters have demonstrated by leaving him.

Presented by Mark Collett, Patrick Slattery and No White Guilt, with special guest Dionne Moller

Patriotic Weekly Review: Dionne Moller – PWR 121119


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