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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 83 – AAI 121219

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Ten new tunes this week, starting out slow and peaceful but ending up hard and heavy, with music created by truth seekers from all around the White world.

Mental Minority gets us in a Christmas mood with his retro sounds before Synthwave Redneck adds strings, a recurring piano motif and light drums for an epic orchestral piece from his emotionally intimate new album ‘Echoes’.

Lone Alpha starts with old school keyboards before letting rip with progressive rock rhythms and guitars, leading into the syncopated beats and techno burbles of of an industrial workout from Holon.

Graeda keeps the dancefloor going with a house number, ready for the cheeky electrofunk of Heartbeat Hero and ForNull closes the synth section with a triphop remix of a classic from the Mamas and the Pepes.

Burning Hate mix the metalcore with a catchy power metal chorus, before traditional pipes and the Eastern tones of the fairer sex introduce the genre-busting EBM black metal of Belarussian band Vapor Heimis.

The high quality musicianship continues with an RAC anthem in the making from Lass Leben and a slide guitar black metal number from Einherjer, that is just crying out to be turned up loud.

Epic national socialist black metal band Krumkac next, mixing traditional Slavic chanting with frantic riffing and turbo-charged drumming contrasting sharply with the final track of the night, a harmony heavy acoustic piece from the remixer’s favourite, Hiraeth.

Lone Alpha, Holon and HeartBeat Hero, Synthwave Redneck and Graeda are at Soundcloud
Burning Hate are at OPOS Records
Lass Leben are at Leveller Records
Einherjer are at Spotify
Krumkac are at Barbatos Productions
Hiraeth is on Youtube

01:14 Mental Minority -  It´s Almost Christmas Now
04:12 Synthwave Redneck - Alone in the Shadows - NEW
09:33 Lone Alpha – Brinstar Depths - NEW
15:07 Holon - Some Things Will Have To Change - NEW
21:53 Graeda – Dopamine - NEW
25:17 HeartBeatHero - Even Steven - NEW
29:48 ForNull - The Mamas & the Pepes - Pride & Privilege (ForNull Remix)
32:20 Burning Hate - Believe In Yourself - NEW
37:05 Vapor Heimis - Лёд Души Маёй
42:40 Lass Leben - Die Wahre Asthetik - NEW
47:15 Einherjer - The Spirit of a Thousand Years - NEW
51:51 Krumkac - Kryvijskaja Dyvizija - NEW
03:10 Hiraeth - The Feeling Remains – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 83 – AAI 121219


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