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The Orthodox Nationalist: Empress Elisabeth and the Petrine Legacy – TON 122419

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson presents a broadcast on the legacy of Peter the Great and the corrosive ideology that he forced upon Russia.

Peter the Great was the First Russian Revolution. He took over the country at the end of the 17th century and created what became a revolutionary dictatorship that would be just as sweeping and violent as anything that the Bolsheviks did centuries later. Peter I was a revolutionary, a Freemason, and someone who created nothing but opposition and alienation in Russian life and history. It was Peter I that paved the way for the Bolsheviks.

Because of this, there are two Russias throughout the course of Russian history. The first is agrarian and communal, based on peasantry and local self-government. The second could be called the Modernist, European Russia, that is Russia as an empire; a centralized state levying heavy taxes, involved in constant warfare and engaging in constant colonial expansion.

Old Russia was an agrarian and nationalist society, with local self-government of parishes, dioceses, and monasteries. It was not a state, but a series of small republics, governed by traditional norms that everyone could understand and recognize as binding. Peter would throw all this away. Not only in his rule, but in the chaos that followed, did the revolution truly take place.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Empress Elisabeth and the Petrine Legacy – TON 122519


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