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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Light in the Darkness, Empress Elizabeth Petrovna – TON 122019

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson talks about the surprising actions of Peter the Great’s daughter, who in the end may have saved the Russian crown.

The 18th century was the second worst century in Russian history, with the 20th being the worst. It saw the separation of the people from the crown, foreign rule, the domination of the Masonic lodges and the intensification  and perversion of serfdom.

One positive force in this era was, ironically enough, Peter the Great's daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth ruled from 1741 to 1762. Her rule was a powerful expansion of the Russian economy and population.

The Petrine Revolution and subsequent oligarchy under the Masonic cult of Biron and Osterman broke Russia both financially and militarily. There were coups and counter-coups. The church had been purged. The population fell by ten percent. An almost pure oligarchy ruled from at least 1725 to 1741. Loathing Russia, the German clique raped the country under the hapless guise of the “Two Annas,” relatives of Peter I who nominally “ruled” Russia during that time. Russia was at a very low point.

When Elizabeth took over, she rebuilt the economy, expelled the Jews that had ruled along with Biron's gang, created a closed, noble caste and abolished all internal customs duties. The church was rebuilt. Russia produced more iron than Britain, so her mines and factories were growing rapidly. The rate of interest was fixed by law at six percent, and only from state institutions.

In throwing out the Masonic cult of Biron and company as well as the Jews, she eliminated two anti-national factors that prevented the country from developing normally. Despite being an illegitimate daughter of an illegitimate ruler, Elizabeth was a true light in the darkness of oligarchy and foreign rule. She may well have saved the Russian crown.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Light in the Darkness, Empress Elizabeth Petrovna – TON 122019


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