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The Daily Nationalist: Fake Children and French Traditions – DN 011320

Sven Longshanks reports on the annual car burning festival in France and the huge amount of fraud going on in the ‘child refugee’ industry.

Once again there has been an increase in car burnings in the multicultural areas of France on New Year’s Eve and once again, the authorities have sought to hide the scale of it.

This migrant ‘tradition’ has now expanded to include using the burning cars as ‘bait’ to entice emergency workers into a trap, where they can then be pelted with rocks and other missiles.

Figures have ben released on the amount of fake children there were among the child refugees, 60% in Britain and 80% in France.

Dentists are refusing to perform dental checks to determine age, due to there being no ‘health benefit’ to this. But if all migrants were to be refused entry unless they voluntarily took this test, surely it would be a health benefit to them if they pass?

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Fake Children and French Traditions – DN 011320


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