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The Daily Nationalist: Trump’s Deal of the Century – DN 013020

Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson discuss President Trump’s peace plan for the Middle East, which basically gives Israel everything it wants.

The Palestinians have rejected this plan, as it leaves them with no military, no foreign policy, no control over their education, no sovereignty at all in fact.

On top of that, the lands taken from them by settlers will all be recognised as Israeli land and an underground tunnel will link up the few remaining pockets of Palestinian Arabs.

You have to feel sorry for the way they are treated, but that’s the reality of colonialism.

The bizarre thing is that the rest of the world accepts Israel’s behaviour, whilst condemning the more restrained actions of European colonialists in the New World.

This new Palestinian “state” will:
  1. have no external, foreign policy independence;
  2. have no economic independence;
  3. be under the IMF and the international bond and capital markets;
  4. be forced to have open borders to capital;
  5. have elections under Israeli military control;
  6. be “protected” by the IDF, its enemy;
  7. have no control over its educational system;
  8. have no control over its airspace;
  9. give all control over its culture to Israel and the USA;
  10. have no control over its ports or waters;
  11. have no independent currency;
  12. have all internal life and culture under Israeli censorship;
  13. have no army or means of defense;
  14. have no diplomatic independence;
  15. be forced to not discriminate against American or Israeli firms, so they will easily dominate local producers and rule the market;
  16. have its political parties censored by the US and Israel (no Hamas, etc);
  17. have, by extension, all parties platforms censored by Israel;
  18. have no right to even zone its local properties in urban areas.
Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Nationalist: Trump’s Deal of the Century – DN 013020


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