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The Orthodox Nationalist: “Bloody Sunday” and the Revolution of 1905 – TON 012920

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson explodes another myth, that of the bloodthirsty Tsar ordering the execution of 100,000 innocent Russians who were simply asking for a few civil rights.

“Bloody Sunday” is yet another myth about Old Russia. The establishment story is that the Tsar, for no reason at all, on January 9, 1905, ordered his men to fire on a peaceful and loyal demonstration who were just asking for a minimum of rights.  None of this is true.

After the main part of the Russian army were sent to the Far East in the European part of the country, the “revolutionary”gangs prepared and armed with money from Rothschild and the Japanese, started organising strikes and riots, having previously bribed local authorities to neutralize them. As a result, by the beginning of 1905, in many of the most important regions of the country, complete chaos, lawlessness and anarchy ruled.

This culminated in the killing of 96 people at the "Bloody Sunday" demonstration in Petersburg. Fr. George Gapon, the leader of the protest, initially a royalist, had been subverted by the Reds and helped them take over the legitimate labor union of the city. Strikes paralyzed Russia due to stories about Russia's "defeat" by the Japanese. Leftist radicals organized a demonstration of 300,000 mostly loyal workers, but the Reds had a different plan. They were going to provoke the army to shoot. First blood was drawn by the leftists, and the army, unprepared for a demonstration of this size, shot back. The European press, of course, reported "100,000 executed by Bloodthirsty Tsar!"

This is the real story of "Bloody Sunday."

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: “Bloody Sunday” and the Revolution of 1905 – TON 012920


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