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The Orthodox Nationalist: Russo-Japanese War II and Korea Air 858 – TON 011520

In this episode, Dr. Johnson finishes the lecture on the Russo-Japanese war and dispels even more myths that have cropped up about Russia's alleged “defeat” as well as the peace treaty and also proves Russia sued for an honorable peace.

Staying in Korea, however, he then switches gears and discusses the long forgotten terrorist destruction of Korean Air 858, one of the most bizarre stories of the Cold War, which killed 115 Koreans. 

There, a woman, Kim Hyon-hui, confessed to being the bomber, except nothing in her story makes sense. She was convicted of mass murder in Seoul and sentenced to death just before a hotly contested election. She was immediately pardoned by President Roe Tae Woo, a vehement anti-communist. . . .And no one thought this is odd. Why?

She is still alive today and is a multimillionaire, with no one knowing why or how.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Russo-Japanese War II and Korea Air 858 – TON 011520


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