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The Orthodox Nationalist: Tolstoy’s Red Pill – TON 010120

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson talks about the plot-line of Tolstoy’s ‘Anna Karenina’ and what it tells us about Alpha and Beta males.

The Red Pill is a theory about sexual relations. Its far more than a theory because its easily verifiable empirically. It rests on the now famous Alpha/Beta distinction among males and hypergamy among females.

The essential plot line and message of Tolstoy’s novel is that women want the Alpha male, but need to marry the Beta for utilitarian reasons.

This novel came out in 1877-1878, showing Tolstoy as one of the earliest prophets of inter-sexual relations that today are institutionalised.

Elite societies were often sexually "liberated" while the bulk of the population were very traditional. In Russia, the sexual proclivities of Peter I made this possible.

Tolstoy gives a warning to men about how the female mind works. Anna's suicide, the climax of the book, comes from the realization of what her adultery did to her ex-husband, a man who had done nothing wrong.

She begins to realize her mistake, but by then, its too late.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Tolstoy’s Red Pill – TON 010120


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