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Patriotic Weekly Review: Frodi Midjord – PWR 022620

Mark Collet and No White Guilt are joined by Frodi Midjord of Scandza Forum to promote his next conference with Jared Taylor and E Michael Jones.

Frodi talks about E Michael Jones controversial views on race and how Jared will make a formidable opponent for him at last.

Mark brings up the suppression of Sajid Javid’s rape gang report, which was supposed to take a close look at the ethnic components of grooming gangs.

The Conservatives who put across an image of being anti-corruption and patriotic, are the ones responsible for hiding this report from the public.

No White Guilt gets particularly agitated at this and suggests using it as inspiration for publicly speaking up for our people.

Tommy teaming up with Sargon is brought up and the endless ‘new’ organisations they create to fleece Nationalists with.

The link between Churchill’s disastrous war and the situation we are in today is highlighted.

Presented by Mark Collett and No White Guilt, with Frodi Midjord

Patriotic Weekly Review: Frodi Midjord – PWR 022720


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