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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 93 – AAI 022720

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Thirteen new tunes full of soaring synths, metal guitars and crashing drums to accompany the populist uprising all around the White world.

Cult of Neon begins with a suspenseful intro and synth-pipe refrain conjuring up images of European cityscapes, before Powercyan kicks in with vocoders and a pounding beat alongside the chip guitars.

Lyde continue in majestic style erupting into strings and a Swedish disco beat, while Metastrat take us back into the shadows with minimal drums and dark ambient sounds.

Document Lambda takes time out from working on his multi-media album project to drop a slow-paced church bells and organ piece and Halindir provides backing for Mimir’s Brunnr to give a poetic shout out to Mark and Laura’s WWNA documentary.

Retro synths a la Kraftwerk next courtesy of Traversing the Divide, followed by a progressive power metal ballad from Polish band Gammadion. 

Moongates Guardian play a middle-earth jig for us that soon explodes into thunder drums and snarls, paving the way for the chunky death metal riffs of French band Red Dead.

Harvst’s tom toms herald a melodic black metal piece, topped with Viking vocals and Gartraada keep the longboat oars rowing in time for their one too.

‘Who’ influenced RAC next from Ken Maclellan with his ode to the English Dream and Nigel Brown finishes with a punk vocal style in a neo-folk warning against treachery.

Moongates Guardian, Red Dead, Harvst, Nigel Brown & are at Youtube
Metastrat, Cult of Neon, Document Lambda, Halindir, Powercyan, Lyde & Traversing the Divide are at Soundcloud
Gammadion & Ken MacLellan and Arrow Cross are at Hammerstorm

00:59 Cult of Neon - Le Cote Obscur - NEW
04:55 Powercyan - Cybernation (Irving Force Remix) - NEW
08:53 Lyde - Rise of the Mega - NEW
13:39 Metastrat – Breathe - NEW
17:52 Document Lambda – Aether - NEW
21:56 Halindir - We Were Never Asked - NEW
24:51 Traversing the Divide - What Will Remain - NEW
29:22 Gammadion – Powstaniec – NEW
36:34 Moongates Guardian -  To Rivendell! - NEW
44:24 Red Dead - Wind of Chaos - NEW
48:06 Harvst - Schemen im Nebel - NEW
56:07 Gartraada – Aurora - NEW
00:19 Ken MacLellan and Arrow Cross - English Dream
05:27 Nigel Brown – Treachery – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 93 – AAI 022720


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