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The Orthodox Nationalist: Liberalism and the Scientific Ideology – TON 021920

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson returns to a familiar theme for this broadcast, the criticism of modernism and the rule of positivist science.

Criticism of technology is accepted in modern academia only under a few conditions: a) that it does not reject the ideological foundations of modernity itself; b) that it makes no historical claims (eg, that the Middle Ages were morally superior to modernity) and c) that it is not depicted as harming some liberal good, such as equality. Anti-modernism is generally off limits unless it is in the name of the “environment,” but even then it is still very rare.

There is no abstract “science” but it is in the interests of the oligarchy that people think there is. “Science” evokes images of eccentric brilliance, but a “scientific establishment” evokes bureaucrats following orders. The latter is all there is. They are part of a large, bureaucratic machine.

The march of technology is far from inevitable. Again, it is in the interests of capital that this is thought to be so. Concepts like “markets,” “progress” or “empowerment” are abstractions that come to justify what already exists; it’s a farcical ex post facto rationalization. Yes, we use the internet because it is convenient (and we can't control in what year we were born), but not because we implicitly accept the massive grid upon which it is based.

This “inevitable march” of technology can't last much longer for several reasons: a) the grid is just too expensive to maintain and defend; b) western governments and consumers have no money; c) debt is too high; d) because of this, any shock to the system (like the crashing dollar) might bring it down; and e) there are millions today opting out of the system and the means to do this are becoming easier and more affordable.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Liberalism and the Scientific Ideology – TON 021920


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