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Halindir: Audio Insurgency 96 – AAI 031920

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Halindir returns as guest host with a show packed full of quirky tunes and audio excellence from pro-White and passive-White musicians making positive change with their music in the world around them.

Amalec begin with spoken word and dub step beats topped with ethereal choirs, followed by a Volk Dissident string arrangement and For Null hitting a gothic retro EBM vibe.

We Are Magonia stay with the eighties for a darksynth mix of a Eurythmics classic and Atmolifter slow things down almost to an ambient pace for a suspense filled disco death march.

Holon plays pitch bender with an electro bass line while HeartBeatHero raises the spirits with a happy house number to get your feet tapping.

Blut Adler’s triumphant remix of Solarras adds much new flesh to the original bones along with familiar Adler sounds and then we are into the industrial metal and war cries of Raubtier.

The melancholic lead soloes of Kjøttkvern follow only to be overtaken by the black metal of Greve’s ode to the power of the black sun.

Sõjaruun’s cackles of glee herald rock ‘n roll riffs with black metal beats, before more of a viking flavour takes over and Idaslet run with it, adding accordions and female harmonies.

Karpatia finish with a trad rock knees-up sing-along lamenting Hungary’s loss of land to Romania at the end of the war.

Amalec, Volk Dissident, Atmolifter, We Are Magonia, ForNull, HeartBeatHero & Blut Adler are at Soundcloud
Idaslet are at Scumbag Metalheads
Karpatia are at Exkluziv Music Kiadó
Kjøttkvern are at Hammerstorm

00:48 Amalec – Thunder and Light (featuring Nullus) – NEW
04:30 Volk Dissident - The Arena – NEW
06:46 ForNull - The Qwindellin Zone – NEW
11:23 We Are Magonia – Sweet Dreams – NEW
15:13 Atmolifter – Primary Target – NEW
19:00 Holon - Locked Away
24:08 HeartBeatHero – Trancewave – NEW
28:10 Blut Adler – Hyperborea – NEW
32:26 Raubtier – Ovtjarka
35:13 Kjøttkvern - Torturerer – NEW
41:30 Greve - I svarta solens magi
47:20 Sõjaruun - Rähka Reeturitele
54:36 Idaslet - Kongestrid på Hedehøj – NEW
58:22 Karpatia - Erdély induló – NEW

Presented by Halindir

Halindir: Audio Insurgency – AAI 031920


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