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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 97 – AAI 032620

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Fourteen examples of newly created audio ordinance this week, with some of the very best electronica and atmospheric black metal you will find this side of Valhalla.

Document Lambda starts with a remix and plenty of sunshine drenched feel-good factor, followed by 16 beat hi-hats and syn-drums courtesy of Synthicide.

Mojave brings electro-accordions and wobbly basslines to the party before Graeda chills things out again with his mellow house sounds, perfect to accompany a sun set on the beach.

DreamReaper picks up the pace with cyberfunk and slap bass as the evening gets darker, with Cyberthing emerging from the shadows keeping the beat going for his marching techno hordes.

The trance hook lines with a re-appearance of slap bass are courtesy of Forerunnerx and the sci-fi hellscape of gated machine noise and pounding rhythms is originating in French artist Dav Dralleon.

Industrial metal riffs bring us into the guitar section with Eye of Jupiter, before Erdling run with the nu-metal noise, adding gothic vocals to the EBM influenced sounds.

Inmitten von Ruinien get the adrenaline going with hardcore riffs and RAC angst, while Karpatia tap into the patriotic urge with Hungarian trad metal and a melody that will stay with you for the rest of the week.

Svartálfar start with harps and tales of derring-do round the camp fire, with medieval pipes and modern metal guitars joining later, while Frozen Dreams will blow you away with their genre defying blend of Conan the Barbarian movie music and black metal howls.

Halindir finishes the episode with his signature kettle drums and wobble board theremins.

Eye Of Jupiter & Frozen Dreams are at Youtube
Synthicide, Mojave, Cyberthing, DavDralleon, Document Lambda, DreamReaper, Forerunnerx, Graeda & Halindir are at Soundcloud
Karpatia are at Exkluziv Music Kiadó
Svartálfar are at Records DK
Inmitten von Ruinen are at Hammerstorm

01:28 Document Lambda - World Peace - NEW
06:09 Synthicide – Strange Nights - NEW
11:32 Mojave – Errors - NEW
15:25 Graeda – Severance - NEW
19:00 DreamReaper - Digital Resistance - NEW
24:06 Cyberthing – Jigoku - NEW
27:43 Forerunnerx - Nocturne Pursuit - NEW
31:27 Dav Dralleon - Sword Ov Saturn – NEW
36:33 Eye Of Jupiter – Infected - NEW
43:04 Erdling - Blut und Erde
46:21 Inmitten von Ruinen – WPA - NEW
49:42 Karpatia - Lesz, lesz, lesz - NEW
52:55 Svartálfar - Hrafnagaldr I_ Runar - NEW
59:30 Frozen Dreams – Silent Breathing - NEW
08:55 Halindir - Bluebells And Lilacs - NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 97 – AAI 032620


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