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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Russian Monarchy, the Romanov Line and Postmodern Apostasy – TON 031120

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson talks about the Black Hundreds guide on who can be a Russian Monarch and who cannot.

Some years ago, the Union of the Russian People (Black Hundreds) released several articles that expressed concern on the nature of the succession to the Russian throne. At least one of these was about the Anathema of 1613, where the descendants of all Russians were bound to accept the Romanov monarchy for eternity under threat of excommunication. The oath of which this is a part rejects both apostasy from Orthodoxy and mixing with foreigners as almost one and the same thing.

While there are historical problems with this oath, the Romanov's themselves violated it by apostasy and mixing with foreigners many times, albeit this was redeemed by the sacrifice of Nicholas II. Still, it doesn't remove these concerns. Over the last hundred years, the number of claimants to the Russian throne have been both numerous and unsuitable. The legal context of succession is complicated and irrelevant.

In an age of mass apostasy, picky, technical legal arguments are almost always covers for a lack of suitability. In the New Testament era, its not blood that matters, but dedication to theocracy: faith and nationalism. The Old Testament priesthood was based on blood through the tribe of Levi. Today, its based on suitability. The same goes for the crown. The rule of the Judges, especially the great Gideon, is a better example than the ill-fated Davidic line.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Russian Monarchy, the Romanov Line and Postmodern Apostasy – TON 031120


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