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Patriotic Weekly Review: David Duke – PWR 042220

Mark Collett and No White Guilt are joined by David Duke for a discussion on the week’s hot topics.

David Duke will be seventy this year and has spent his entire adult life serving White people and speaking up for our interests, despite the hatred directed at him for doing so.

He talks about the parts of our struggle that we share with all peoples, particularly the drive to preserve our individual cultures against globalism.

He puts the record straight as to the lies told about him in ‘Black Klansman’ to demonstrate how the media distort the truth.

In the book there were no arrests of Klansmen, no bombs going off, no plan to kill a Black woman, but there was a plot to kill David Duke that was set up by the Communist Party.

The programs that Donald Trump ran on such as America First, were first popularised by Duke.
Trump’s enemies hate the fact he tries to do what is best for Americans through limiting immigration, so David thinks they are using the coronavirus to do as much harm to him as possible.

The virus is being hyped up as being much more deadly than it actually is, in the hopes of blaming Trump for the over-reaction and destruction of the economy.

Presented by Mark Collett and No White Guilt

Patriotic Weekly Review: David Duke – PWR 042220


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