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Patriotic Weekly Review: TrUK Show – PWR 041520

Mark Collett and No White Guilt talk to Harry from TrUK Show, who recently exposed the hypocrisy of Turning Point UK.

Due to people living their lives fuelled on debt, many of us are desperate to get back to work, but Mark is concerned that if the lockdown is lifted, it could cause the death of many elderly White people and lead to calls to import more Blacks to replace them.

Harry says we have been heading for a financial crisis for a while and the coronavirus appeared just at the time we would have hit a recession, but instead of having to face up to their failure the banks and corporations are being bailed out again.

Debt has been powering our economy and we need it to be based on productive enterprise instead.

Mark plays Anne Marie Waters hastily made rant about him and questions all her strawman arguments, before showing proof that the EDL were registered as ‘The English and Jewish Defence League’ in 2011, proving that the divided loyalties in civic nationalism go back a long way.

Presented by Mark Collett and No White Guilt

Patriotic Weekly Review: TrUK Show – PWR 041520


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