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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 102 – AAI 043020

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

From pop music to national socialist black metal, the Pro-White and passive-White communities are full of great musicians and this is the place to hear their music.

Cry More begin with layered female vocals over a professional sounding pop tune, followed by the darker trip-hop beats of Dystopia Park and Hiraeth.

Document Lambda is looking back to the early acid house vibe of the eighties, while 26Hate is firmly facing the future with minimalist slow marching darksynth.

Celeritas Tenebris adds to the harder sounds with his techno tinged synth-guitar riffs, before Mythical Vigilante eases back the throttle for a dub journey by skateboard.

Sonne and Stahl are pounding the martial drums of doom, in at atmospheric build up to the heavenly orchestral arrangements of Amalec and The Decency shows off his versatility, with a cheerful drum and bass number featuring thot-patrol trad samples from America First.

Sturmrebellen kick things off in the metal section with punk riffs and a victory chorus, before the gothic voice and indie guitars of The Pale Riders take over with a cowboy themed ballad.

М8Л8ТХ start slow but soon pick up speed with Orthodox style chanting in between the more traditional black metal growls, sounding similar to Whisper of Runes ‘Minnesangar’ in places.

Külmking really like to catch the ears by surprise, from the accents on the beats to the operatic chorus they are unexpected but welcome and Nord-Ost bring us back to familiar territory, with call and response doom dancing in the verses and German harmonising for the chorus.

Land of the Winds deliver a superb piece of orchestral power metal accompanied by the most amazing voice of their female singer, while Wolfenhords appear to have snuck into Halindir’s studio during the night and pinched half his instruments in order to write their final tune used in the podcast.

Cry More, Document Lambda, 26Hate, Celeritas Tenebris & 
Dystopia Park and Hiraeth, Amalec, Mythical Vigilante & The Decency are at Soundcloud
Sturmrebellen & Kreuz Nord-Ost are at Das Zeughaus
Baise Ma Hache & Paul Waggener are at Hammerbolt Productions
М8Л8ТХ are at Heretic Camp
Sonne & Stahl & Külmking are at Hammerstorm

00:56 Cry More – Energy - NEW
04:22 Dystopia Park and Hiraeth – Origin - NEW
09:13 Document Lambda – Sunset East - NEW
14:06 26Hate – Hunted - NEW
19:40 Celeritas Tenebris - Torque Limit - NEW
23:36 Mythical Vigilante - Sk8 or Die (Vaped Out Render) - NEW
30:04 Sonne and Stahl - War Drums III - NEW
34:41 Amalec – Held - NEW
40:32 The Decency – Natural Law – NEW
44:42 Sturmrebellen -  Sturm - NEW
49:19 Baise Ma Hache & Paul Waggener - Men Among The Ruins - NEW
53:16 М8Л8ТХ – Теорасология - NEW
01:26 Külmking – Tulilill - NEW
05:08 Kreuz Nord-Ost - Geist der Freiheit - NEW
08:51 Земля Ветров - Моя Земля
13:05 Wolfenhords – Einklang

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 102 – AAI 043020


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