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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 98 – AAI 040220

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Fifteen all new truth-seeking missiles launched by Sven Longshanks in broadsides from the Radio Albion sonic cannon.

Halindir begins with an ambient piece filled with cosmic organ swirls that when drifted down to earth, are picked up by Holon and digitised into menacing machine sounds backed with bass and break beats.

HeartBeatHero keeps the light pace going, adding a retro feel for Mythical Vigilante to play lead guitar and eighties syn-drums over.

Twilight hits and the music gets darker with Tresalis picking up the tempo with a hint of cyberpunk, contrasting with Mojave’s undulating bass and treble melodies darting around the stratosphere.

Lyde brings us back to earth in a dark disco stomper with synth orchestra and Misanthropix goes for a Powercyan beat, hammered into a cyberfunk crossed with darksynth masterpiece.

Eye of Jupiter weans us away from the keyboards and into industrial guitars, ready for the hardcore doom dancing and punk of Aryan Brotherhood.

Hulkoff stands proud at the helm of his longship surrounded by fiddlers firing riffs at his enemies, before the layered vocal harmonies of Imminent Reign take over for a bit of polished power metal.

Flammenaar’s ballad like beginning with female soprano is regularly returned to throughout their black metal epic, reminding one of Surturs Lohe, while Paganland turn up the top end and add keyboards, for a Ukrainian NSBM march to victory, sounding like a blend of Nokturnal Mortum and Norrhem but with a classic eastern Slav singing style.

Nigel Brown plays us out with a heartfelt ballad describing the Soviet occupation and starvation of Ukraine.

Halindir, Holon, Misanthropix, HeartBeatHero, Mythical Vigilante, Tresalis & Lyde are at Soundcloud
Eye of Jupiter, Imminent Reign, Paganland & Nigel Brown are at Youtube
Aryan Brotherhood are at PC Records
Hulkoff are at Spotify
Flammenaar are at Hammerstorm

00:53 Halindir - Omens II - NEW
04:24 Holon - Escape Reality - NEW
10:10 HeartBeatHero - The Orb - NEW
13:51 Mythical Vigilante – Spatial - NEW
17:34 Tresalis - The Dark Forest - NEW
20:36 Mojave - Popular Mechanics - NEW
24:40 Lyde - Hoodwink Nightclub - NEW
29:30 Misanthropix – Wirehead – NEW
34:31 Eye of Jupiter - The Devil's Preacher - NEW
39:09 Aryan Brotherhood – Mörder - NEW
45:25 Hulkoff – Ingvar - NEW
50:49 Imminent Reign - A Nation In Its Youth - NEW
57:14 Flammenaar - Fügung des Schicksals - NEW
06:08 Paganland - Galician Night - NEW
12:19 Nigel Brown - Naked Face - NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 98 – AAI 040220


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Artwork by Blut Adler

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