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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 99 – AAI 040920

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Something for everyone on the show tonight and it’s all at the top tier of audio excellence, dreamfolk, ambient, retro and classical influenced for the first half and folk, viking, symphonic and NS black metal in the second.

Amalec begins with heavenly choirs, laid back rhythms and powerful yet restrained bass, setting the scene for Halindir’s majestic build up to Olivia Key’s emotional vocals, both artists complimenting the other’s talents perfectly.

Salrosen and Cry More continue with the dream folk style but with a hint of urban undertones, before HeartBeatHero hits the retrocelerator and fires up the syndrums with a nod to Jean-Michel Jarre.

Mental Minority brings us an optimistic melody to keep our spirits up, followed by Micromomenterial channelling eighties vibes and familiar basslines all the way up to Mythical Vigilante’s syncopated beats and artful use of the space between the notes.

Idaslet ease us into the rock section with accordions and a call and response tale in Danish, swiftly overtaken by the pipes and trad folk harmonies of Romantikus Erőszak’s female backing singer.

Blutlinie tighten up the production values adding power chords to create a polished RAC gem, before Vinterhjerte bring Sabbath style riffs, flutes, growls and plenty of time changes to keep you alert.

The piano makes an entrance with Wellicoruss for a symphonic black metal excursion, while Gefrierbrand artfully strip back the sound to just killer riffs and bouncing bass lines.

Wolfnacht play their instruments so hard you can imagine broken sticks and bleeding hands at the end of a gig, but alongside the aggression they have an innovative use of guitars making them sound like viola.

Muke gets penultimate honours this week with pub singalong ‘Viime sana’ leaving it to St Friendship to finish with a hymn to the 14 words, vocalised in his unique singing style over a minimal R and B backing.

Amalec, Halindir, HeartBeatHero, Mythical Vigilante, Mental Minority,Cry More & St Friendship are at Soundcloud
Idaslet are at Scumbag Metalheads
Romantikus Erőszak are at Hadak Útja Kiadó
Vinterhjerte are at DK Records
Wellicoruss are at El Puerto Records
Gefrierbrand are at UR Music
Wolfnacht are at IG Farben Produktion
Muke are at PC Records
Blutlinie are at Hammerstorm

00:49 Amalec – Evigheden - NEW
04:21 Halindir ft. Olivia Key – Eternity - NEW
09:13 Cry More - Fade (w- SALRØSEN) - NEW
12:59 HeartBeatHero - The MasterPlan - NEW
17:45 Mental Minority - Isolation Theme - NEW
21:13 Micromomenterial - Cosmic Heart
24:29 Mythical Vigilante - Cinema Tech – NEW
27:35 Idaslet – Tyrfing - NEW
32:52 Romantikus Erőszak - Kísérj el szép rózsám - NEW
36:46 Blutlinie - Klo, Papier, Nation - NEW
40:31 Vinterhjerte - Journey to Valhalla – NEW
45:59 Wellicoruss - Hymn of Lost Souls - NEW
52:32 Gefrierbrand - Wie Kinder Schlachtens miteinander gespielt haben - NEW
55:43 Wolfnacht – Traumnacht - NEW
02:30 Muke -  Viime sana - NEW
06:50 St Friendship – Accelerate – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 99 – AAI 040920


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