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The Daily Nationalist: Not in the Public Interest – DN 042720

Sven Longshanks analyses the British government’s response to calls for the grooming gang report to be released and exposes the under-reporting of worldwide corona deaths.

A look at the death rates in 14 different countries show that masses more people are dying than are being accounted for and the Financial Times estimate the true number of corona deaths could be 60% more than we have been told.

The danger of coronavirus is more to do with it’s contagiousness than it’s low death rate, as the length of time before symptoms show is far longer than with the flu, meaning far more people become infected with it.

The grooming gang review was initiated in response to so-called ‘far right racists’ highlighting the disproportionate number of non-Whites found guilty of the crime.

Now that the report is finished the excuse for not publishing it is the same as the excuse for not investigating the crimes in the first place, ‘because it’s not in the public interest’.

Clearly the report does show a disproportionate number of non-Whites involved and the correct response would be to warn the targets of the grooming gangs to avoid contact with the communities found to be over-represented.

But of course that would be racist and islamophobic and it’s better than 19,000 girls are trafficked and raped each year than we risk hurting the feelings of certain communities.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Not in the Public Interest – DN 042720


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