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The Daily Nationalist: Political Correctness and the Boomercaust – DN 041520

Sven Longshanks continues exposing the UK care home scandal before praising President Trump for withdrawing funding for the WHO and blaming ‘political correctness’ for the death of thousands.

The hidden number of dead from the care homes could be as much as 12,000 and the vast majority of those will be White, since the migrants began appearing long after they were born.

While the government were busy building a 4,000 capacity critical care hospital that has been completely empty since it opened, a hidden holocaust has been happening in our care homes.

Why were our sick elderly not taken to that hospital? Even the normal hospitals have tens of thousands of empty beds and the ability if necessary to make the end of life comfortable for these poor old folks.

All of those elderly would have been safe and we would still be leading our normal lives if we had just closed the borders to China. China proved this by closing off Wuhan and preventing the virus from reaching Beijing.

President Trump is now pointing this out and the faulty advice received from the WHO which led to this catastrophe. He is quite right to remove funding when the organisation has shown it is not fit for purpose on multiple occasions.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Political Correctness and the Boomercaust – DN 041520


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