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The Orthodox Nationalist: Alexander Dugin, Plato and COVID-19 – TON 040120

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson explains the importance of truth and how Dugin sees the modern society as deviating from this foundation.

Plato is the foundation of western thought and western religion. His work is the intellectual scaffolding of ancient Christianity. It is based around the idea of unity, or the truth as one. God is truth, beyond space and time, the “Being of Being.” Logos is the unity of all Archetypes in the divine nature of Christ from whom all things were made. This means all science is based on logos with truth as the foundation. Alexander Dugin, a man often condemned and almost never read, bases much of his political ideas on Plato and Platonism.

Plato's core is the Archetype, or Idea: the truth of anything in particular. Justice is one transcendental aspect of the good that can manifest in different ways. Modernism rejects this, claiming that there is no “justice,” just specific, different just acts we all call “justice.” The Postmodern idea is that not only is there no justice, but there aren't even just acts. All is language; all is image.

Truth is reason and freedom: man derives from the same source and creator as everything else, so we can learn. Because this source is spiritual, our freedom makes sense. If something is true, then it is unchanging. If its unchanging, then it cannot be physical. If its not physical, then it is spiritual. If it is spiritual, then it can only be known by the soul. Our problem is that we live in an age where reason and freedom are nothing but words without referents. They are marketing gimmicks. Only mindless consumption matters, and those who can consume the most are the “most successful” in society and should be envied. There is no truth here. As society gets more and more insane, those who love the truth – Logos – will be marginalized and hated. Knowing the truth is a revolutionary act.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Alexander Dugin, Plato and COVID-19 – TON 040120


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