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The Orthodox Nationalist: Is China a Communist Country? – TON 042220

In this broadcast Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson has listed the "16 Absurdities" one has to believe, if the Republican attacks on China are to be accepted as true.

The nationalist movement has found allies in places like China, Belarus, Syria and Burma. Today, there's little difference between China and South Korea under Park. Its amusing to hear conservatives condemn China from a liberal point of view, demanding abstract “freedom of expression” or even condemning public executions for some reason. The US is the scion of liberalism while Russia, China and Syria are all national socialist or National Bolshevik resistance fighters. The US is the font of evil in the world because its the globe's center of liberalism. I'm an “advocate for a foreign government” precisely for this reason. Far from an insult, such terms are high praise.

A vehement American-sponsored Cold War has been going on since the moment China shed it’s Marxism and stopped slaughtering dissidents. Today, they're using the COVID-19 as an excuse to attack China, though her economy has suffered destruction as a result. Are the Chinese deliberately destroying themselves? This is what you have to believe if you take the recent words of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) seriously.

National Socialist China is the subject of sanctions, but while Mao was earning the title of the greatest mass murderer of all time with his Great Leap Forward, trade was free and profitable. Mao exploded a nuclear weapon in 1964 in the middle of this orgy of death and no one said a word, but if Nationalist Iran even thinks about it, it’s cause for war.

China is challenged because it’s nationalist. If it were a communist state, it would be subsidized by the US, not attacked by it. This fact is essential for all discussion on China, Belarus, Central Asia or Russia.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Is China a Communist Country? – TON 042220


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