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Patriotic Weekly Review: Gavin Boby and Laura Towler – PWR 051320

Mark Collett and No White Guilt welcome Gavin Boby and Laura Towler to the stream to discuss repatriation, mosque-busting and Zionism.

Gavin Boby is a lawyer who helps prevent mosques being built in Britain through using the planning applications process.

Mark points out that demonstrations dont stop mosques, but people like Gavin do and he has won around 70% of his cases.

A potential parking problem is one of the main arguments that has proved to be successful, also disturbance, noise and harm to the amenity of the area.

Mosques are there as a symbol of colonisation and a marker that the area is now Moslem, often reinforced by the mistreatment of Whites in the area by the Moslems.

Laura talks about her experiences of being spat at and grabbed when in those areas to confirm this.

Gavin explains there are four stages before a building is purchased for mosque conversion, the parking jihad, the abuse when Moslems are then asked to move their cars, the big bag of cash being offered and finally the police repeatedly saying ‘we have no reason to believe this was a race-hate crime madam’ after the property regularly starts being damaged.

The cowardice and opportunism of councillors has proved to be helpful in thwarting the colonisation plans and their weak point is losing votes from the White community.

Mark would solve the larger problem of the people themselves by removing all translations other than English, banning the practise of Islam and giving financial incentives to surrender citizenship.

Gavin does not think incentives will work as there is too much money to be earned in the west and a spirited debate on the merits of the policy ensues.

This is followed by more hearty debate on the central role of Zionism in immigration, with Gavin proving a formidable opponent for Mark.

Presented by Mark Collett and No White Guilt

Patriotic Weekly Review: Gavin Boby and Laura Towler – PWR 051320


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