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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 103 – AAI 050720

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Plenty of Slavic folk metal on tonight’s episode with Belarus taking the prize, alongside dream-folk, martial industrial, cyberpunk, black metal, synthwave, punk and ballads from the pro-White and passive-White communities.

Halindir warms things up with classical themes and a manic theremin solo, which Twenty One adds to with cyber-xylophone and a familiar voice sample in a remix of one of his earlier tunes.

A full orchestra with military drums takes over for Arditi’s offering, before the machine beats and vast expansive sound of Holon envelops us, with more of a funky feel than usual.

Waker wakes us up with some skippety-boo drum and bass and an unexpected guitar solo makes it’s way in from the second half of the podcast.

Traversing the Divide starts with modern flange effects and shows a prog rock influence with the soloes and time changes, before Cyberthing brings darkrsynth riffs and a bouncing bassline, getting us ready for HeartBeatHero to show off his Dutch roots, jumping hardstyle.

Erdling open the metal section with a gothic influence and understated keyboards, followed by the bagpipes and disco beats folk rock of Gotteshorn.

Alkonost turn rock into metal and pipes into guitars through electronic wizardry, before adding the unmistakable vocal harmonies of their singer.

Vapor Heimis open the throttle for the first of the black metal adding a cavernous sound to the kick drums and growls, while their kinsmen Drygva keep up the high standards with ultra-tight riffing, super fast drumming, plenty of breakdowns and even what sounds like a saxophone in one part.

Wolfnacht follow a similar symphonic arrangement with their music, but manage to get the guitars sounding like a string section in parts.

Whitelaw are back with a new album and finish the metal section with a punk anthem guaranteed to get you singing along with the chorus.

Flatlander finish with an acoustic version of the classic Skrewdriver track ‘The Lion’s Roar’.

Halindir, Holon, Cyberthing and D-Noise, Waker & HeartBearHero are at Soundcloud
Traversing The Divide, Дрыгва, Twenty-One, Arditi, Erdling, Gotteshorn, Alkonost & Flatlander are at Youtube
Wolfnacht are at IG Farben
Whitelaw are at Midgard Records
Vapor Hiemis are at Hammerstorm

01:05 Halindir - Midnight Gorgonzola - NEW
06:04 Twenty-One - Twelve (Tribute) - NEW
11:51 Arditi - To the Folk - NEW
17:10 Holon - Remain Hopeful - NEW
22:01 Waker – 624 - NEW
24:52 Traversing The Divide – Float - NEW
29:51 Cyberthing and D-Noise - Zero Strike - NEW
33:56 HeartBearHero - Jumping King – NEW
37:51 Erdling - Wölfe der Nacht (feat. Chris Pohl)
41:55 Gotteshorn - Die Königin - NEW
46:08 Alkonost - Там, где живут ветра - NEW
51:56 Vapor Hiemis - Karani
57:36 Дрыгва – Вогнепаклоннік - NEW
03:48 Wolfnacht - Zur Wotanseiche - NEW
08:51 Whitelaw - White Whores - NEW
12:51 Flatlander - The Lion's Roar – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 103 – AAI 050720


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