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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 104 – AAI 051420

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Fifteen new tunes from the pro-White and passive-White communities featuring synthwave, retro and monster bass in the first half, hardcore, folk and Aryan mythic black metal in the second. Enjoy.

Micromomentarial begin like a lazy Sunday morning with laid back ambient vibes and Spanish guitar, followed by Europaweite Aussichten floating through the cosmos in an audio probe recording space whale songs along the way.

Twenty One stays with the celestial feel and the music of the stars, while Dream Reaper adds vocals and electro influence with a cyberfunk remix of ‘Devil’s at Your Door’.

Powercyan’s short but sweet entry sets the stage for Elessar to fire up the darksynth reactors and raid the nineties rave scene, for a trance classic inspired by the AIDS-cough kungflu crisis.

Mojave adds spooky menace and wobbly bass, preparing us for the all out audio warfare coming from Dirty Synth Story and one of the best bass heavy tunes of the year so far.

Cult of Neon brings us back to the more familiar synth swirls and disco beats as he finishes the electronica section of the show.

Artgerecht get straight into the angry punk riffs and melodic vocals that German RAC is known for, while Swedish band We Want War add hardcore and a rock n roll feel as backing for their English lyrics.

Obereg start with mournful twin guitars joined by pipes and vikings at a folk metal get-together, soon to be accompanied by Svaskalver’s fiddles and female vocals.

Path of Resistance are burning down what’s left of the old order with plenty of machine gun riffs and shouted lyrics and Brahmastra take us right back to the beginning for a Babylonian take on the great flood, set to seventies style heavy rock with a black metal flair.

St Friendship finishes with acoustic guitar and heavenly harmonies built around his phenomenal vocal range.

Micromomentarial, Twenty One, Dream Reaper, Elessar, Mojave, Dirty Synth Story, Cult of Neon, Europaweite Aussichten,  Powercyan, Svaskalver & St Friendship are at Soundcloud
Artgerecht are at GWT Produktionen
We Want War are at Tinnitus Records
Obereg are at Procitnuti
Path of Resistance are at Leveler Records
Brahmastra are at Hammerstorm

00:58 Micromomentarial – Some Day - NEW
04:50 Europaweite Aussichten - This Is Happening Right Now - NEW
10:38 Twenty One - Jump Out the Window - NEW
14:19 Dream Reaper Remix – Swarm – Devils at Your Door - NEW
18:38 Powercyan – Transcending - NEW
20:28 Elessar – Wuhan 400 - NEW
24:15 Mojave – Destroy - NEW
28:04 Dirty Synth Story - The Night Breath - NEW
33:57 Cult of Neon – Cramoisie - NEW
37:13 Artgerecht - Wo ist Das Wir - NEW
42:31 We Want War -  New World Order - NEW
47:28 Obereg – Čarodějka - NEW
52:53 Svaskalver – Гром - NEW
56:04 Path of Resistance - Destroy - If You Want to Live - NEW
02:10 Brahmastra - Through The Sands Of Time
10:47 St Friendship - Friend Like You – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 104 – AAI 051420


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