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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 106 – AAI 052820

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Epic tunes aplenty in tonight’s Audio Insurgency and all created by White people - covering dream folk, ambient and banjowave in the first half and symphonic black metal, folk metal and black n roll in the second.

Halindir opens with a soundscape of gargantuan proportions, guiding the listener through the mists of time with the aid of a shaman’s drum and cosmic wind chimes to help pick out the correct path to follow.

Document Lambda carries the organ over into his melancholy ambient piece, adding more percussion and a sense of nostalgia, for a time when all we had to worry about was a nuclear war between two super powers.

Elessar brings us back to the present with a spooky opening and a slow marching beat accompanied by cyberpunk riffs in the background.

Synthwave Redneck reminds us there are still things to be happy about, his cheerful banjo riffs and victorious Hawkwind style synths with a eurobeat being one of them.

Fixions shatters the illusion with precision made darksynth stabs and disco riffs from hell to finish off the computer created section of the show.

Dracovallis start the second half with female soprano backed by full orchestra and chugging trad metal guitars, followed by the pounding nu-metal and sea shanties of Asenblut.

Natural Spirit bring a Slavic flavour to their folk metal and an orchestral sound that evokes memories of their kinsmen Sokyra Peruna’s last album.

Chotza begin like Totenburg and end like Deep Purple, having a whale of a time along the way with each musician getting a chance to showcase his discipline.

White Egregor bring the string section back plucked as well as bowed, with female voice contrasting with the blackened male vocals and tight riffing.

Elderwind wind things down with Twin Peaks style ambient keyboards for the emotional guitar soloes to work with, taking the listener to a synesthetic world where music directs the thoughts.

Baleygr finishes with a soundtrack to a knight riding his horse off into the sunset, with a guitar strung over his back and playing the harmonica.

Halindir, Document Lambda, Synthwave Redneck, Fixions, 
Elessar & Baleygr are at Soundcloud
Asenblut are at Die Weld Jagd
Natural Spirit & White Egregor are at Youtube
Elderwind are at Hammerstorm

01:15 Halindir - Land, Children & Community - NEW
10:53 Document Lambda – Aetherium Sky - NEW
17:36 Elessar – Transhuman - NEW
22:05 Synthwave Redneck - Redneck Space Jam - NEW
29:12 Fixions - Soul Resellers
33:56 Dracovallis - Through the Darkness - NEW
38:38 Asenblut - Seite An Seite - NEW
44:28 Natural Spirit - Чертоги копий и щитов - NEW
49:39 Chotzä – Tüüfuswärk – NEW
58:04 White Egregor – Легион – NEW
03:48 Elderwind - The Colder The Night
14:21 Baleygr - Gebroken Snaar

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 106 – AAI 052820


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