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The Daily Nationalist: Adapting to a Fallen World II – DN 050520

Sven Longshanks continues explaining ways we can interpret nature’s unchanging laws to fit the fallen world that we live in today.

One way to solve our problems would be to have a strict authoritarian government enforcing natural law, but since the enlightenment the genie is out of the bottle and each year it gets harder to go back to something like that.

What we can do instead is work to make the hidden facts available, which would at least mean people making informed decisions if they were to enter a mixed-race relationship.

It would also help encourage parents into refusing access to their children for state mandated homosexual education lessons.

Clearly this is what our ideological enemies fear the most, as censorship of our ideas is their primary concern in the modern age.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Adapting to a Fallen World II – DN 050520


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