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The Daily Nationalist: Lenny Henry’s Hypocrisy – DN 051820

Sven Longshanks talks about Zionism and Lenny Henry’s discrimination against Black girls, before drawing attention to Pakistan’s acceptance of abduction and rape of Christian girls.

Zionism should really be differentiated from international Zionism and is often blamed for Jewish behaviour, when really it is just the Jewish group survival instinct and how it manifests.

Lenny Henry is complaining that White girls didn’t want to dance with him because he is Black, but he appears not to want to dance with Black people either, since all his partners have been White.

In Pakistan the High Court of Sindh has decided that abducting and raping Catholic girls is allowed by law, so long as the girl is old enough to menstruate.

There is a long tradition of this in Moslem countries and it is entirely predictable that it would cause friction if imported into European societies.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Lenny Henry’s Hypocrisy – DN 051820


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