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The Daily Nationalist: The Tail Wagging the Dog – DN 052620

Sven Longshanks talks about media manipulation, before praising the selection of Sarah Champion for the grooming gang review board and criticising the way anti-Whites draw false conclusions from statistics to confirm their own views.

Dominic Cummings showed yesterday that many of the headlines in the press about him were complete lies, but they are still trying to force the government to sack him and are encouraging the public to mob him.

Sarah Champion MP was removed from her post by Corbyn for highlighting the racial aspects of the grooming gangs, but she has now been promoted to the grooming gang report review board.

Statistics from America show there are three times as many Blacks in hospitals with COVID-19 than there are Whites, but they are still saying the White man is preventing their access to health care?

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: The Tail Wagging the Dog – DN 052620


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