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The Orthodox Nationalist: Orthodoxy and Nationalism in the History of Montenegro II – TON 052720

This is a continuation of Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson’s last broadcast on Montenegro covering the medieval idea of Orthodox Montenegro as an ethnonationalist theocracy and its eventual collapse.

Its two canonized monarchs Peter I and II Petrovich, spoke of the essential and critical nature of the Orthodox nationalist ideal in ejecting the Turkish-Phanar occupiers from Serbia.

This week, the collapse of that idea in the reforms of Danilo II and his successors, including Prince Nikola, who became the tool of British and Italian elites, is covered.

The centralization of the state and the imposition of modern, mercantile capitalism saw Montenegro grow, but it cost the nation its soul. The result was the post-World War I unification of Montenegro and Serbia which then created the division between “Whites” and “Greens.” As the “Greens” soon joined with the Marxists, Mussolini, the Hungarians and anyone else who would promise them an “independent Montenegro," they demonstrated their bankruptcy.

The unfortunate fact of history is that a strong state and monetized economy become necessary to keep well armed enemies at bay. The nation soon becomes that which it sought to destroy. This topic will be concluded in the next program.

(Note: “Danilo II” Petrovic-Njegos is referenced as the first secular ruler of the country. Danilo I ruled as a bishop-monarch from 1696–1735. Now, as Danilo II (1851-1860) became the first “Prince of Montenegro,” he was “Danilo I” because he was the first with that title, and he's often referred to by that title. However, since he is the second Danilo to rule Montenegro, he's called “Danilo II” here).

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Orthodoxy and Nationalism in the History of Montenegro II – TON 052720


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