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The Daily Nationalist: Don’t Rescue Their Failing Narrative – DN 060920

Sven Longshanks warns Nationalists not to attend counter-demonstrations to BLM next weekend, before praising Nigel Farage’s condemnation of the BLM Bolsheviks.

Tommy Robinson wants Nationalists to protect our monuments, but this will just give an excuse for the media to blame Nationalists for the ensuing violence.

At the moment, they are having great difficulty covering up for the Black supremacist mobs and are even blaming the Police, so why make their lying easier for them by providing a Nationalist target?

Nigel has called BLM anarchists and Marxists, while likening them to the Taliban destroying the giant statues of Buddha.

Other writers are now condemning the BBC’s coverage and the last thing we need is for the narrative to change to White racist covidiots provoking innocent peaceful protesters.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Don’t Rescue Their Failing Narrative – DN 060920


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