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The Orthodox Nationalist: Trump and Race – TON 062420

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson takes a rare look at current events as the American empire starts visibly crumbling before our very eyes.

This broadcast deals with the fundamental issues causing the takeover of American cities by savages.

Those funding these groups are also exposed and its a lot more than just “Soros.”

Demands to defund the police are hardly new. The ACLU and others have been advocating this for decades. As it stands, the police are now outnumbered and outgunned.

Now, the regime will give our enemies full media coverage and sanction. The only people who will be arrested in any of this are white nationalists and businessmen defending their homes.

Its darkly hilarious to watch privileged black organizations rake in billions of dollars tax free from a story the media invented for them and then dare call themselves oppressed.

Reality itself is under attack. Police are on their knees but are called “oppressors.”

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Trump and Race – TON 062420


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