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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 117 – AAI 081320

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Lots of spoken word on tonight’s podcast, alongside ambient black metal, orchestral, synthwave and trip hop.

Tiwaz Tunes begin in a lo-fi style with an educational piece about gas chamber laws which The Institute ‘91 builds upon, bringing a sense of melancholy as well as a sax solo to the mix.

Cult of Neon continues with wistful sounding slow paced darksynth, while For Null turns up the tempo blending spooky samples with break beats.

Pro Patria bring an industrial influence and shouted vocals to proceedings, contrasting with the polished progressive excellence of Traversing The Divide and Amalec’s experimental backing to a poem by Nullus.

Blut Adler evokes powdered wigs and silk handkerchiefs from the age of chivalry with his baroque inspired ending to the electronica section, as we head into the second half with Byrhtnoth’s brass section playing with gusto amongst all the doom metal riffing.

Planetshine add synthwave influences to the black metal, starting with blast beats before moving to kick drums and glockenspiel and finishing with frantic keyboards.

Firienholt continue with elven plucked harp strings, before picking up pace with the guitars for some shoegaze rifforama accompanied by clean vocal singalongs.

Alkonost play us out with a new direction for their music, with pianos and light rim shots instead of fx-laden guitar soloes.

Tiwaz Tunes – Bitchute
The Institute ‘91, For Null, Nullus & Amalec & Blut Adler – Soundcloud
Cult of Neon, Pro Patria, Traversing The Divide,Planetshine & Alkonost – Self Released
Byrhtnoth – Hammerstorm

00:54 Tiwaz Tunes - Gassed by Law - NEW
08:31 The Institute ‘91 – Platonic Sands - NEW
12:56 Cult of Neon – Mother - NEW
16:32 For Null – Curative Contagion - NEW
20:39 Pro Patria - The Power is Mine - NEW
26:56 Traversing The Divide – Conspire - NEW
30:27 Nullus and Amalec – An Odd Feeling - NEW
33:13 Blut Adler – Nocturne – NEW
41:15 Byrhtnoth - In The Nightside Battle For Helms Deep
48:08 Planetshine – Collapse - NEW
58:10 Firienholt - The Haven Grey
10:14 Alkonost – Peka – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 117 – AAI 081320


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