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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 118 – AAI 082020

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Lots of up-tempo grooves in this week’s selection as we travel the compass in search of the best White music to be found.

Holon gets the ball rolling with breakbeats and psi-trance in one of his best tracks yet, before Randolph and Mortimer ask if we are good citizens with their EBM inspired offering.

Europaweite Aussichten add a sixties pipe organ sound to triumphant effect guaranteed to leave you feeling optimistic, while Unitcode Machine stay with the cheery flavour for a darker dancefloor smasher.

Tiwaz Tunes stay on the dancefloor for a euro-beat number with a sharper edge to prepare us for the industrial aggrotech of Russian artist Sacrothorn.

Dj Reichskanzler keeps the rave flame burning like you’re bouncing around in a pinball machine and Lazerpunk adds some class to proceedings, with a choiral intro and acid-tinged cyberpunk to finish off the electronica section.

Ost+Front start the second half with chunky nu-metal riffs and a gothic chorus, which Sober Charge strip the sound down to melodic hardcore with an unmistakable Russian edge.

Epic folk metal next with pipes, fiddles and distinctly Italian vocals from Stilema, contrasting with the blackened groove metal and Metallica riffs of Meuchelmord.

Heureka start with lead guitar melody moving to RAC riffs and growls, followed by Ensom’s  pondering on ‘the weight of truth’ set to symphonic black metal and Euphemia Signe finishes with a tribute to Sky King with her voice and solitary keyboards.

Holon, Europaweite Aussichten & Lazerpunk – Soundcloud
Randolph and Mortimer, Unitcode Machine, Dj Reichskanzler, Sacrothorn, Трезвый Заряд & Ensom  – Self Released
Tiwaz Tunes – Telegram
Ost+Front – Out of Line Music
Stilema – Hell Bones Records
Meuchelmord – 88.nsm
Euphemia Signe – Youtube
Heureka - Hammerstorm 

00:53 Holon - Lethal Intent - NEW
08:12 Randolph and Mortimer – Citizens - NEW
12:53 Europaweite Aussichten – Klangwelt - NEW
16:03 Unitcode Machine - This Empire - NEW
20:45 Tiwaz Tunes - It's a Trick - NEW
26:00 Sacrothorn - My Proklyaty S Rozhdeniya - NEW
29:08 Dj Reichskanzler - Erschaffung des Reiches - NEW
31:46 Lazerpunk – Ego Death
36:38 Ost+Front - Mein Eigentum (GrooVenoM Remix) - NEW
41:03 Трезвый Заряд - White Lives Matter - NEW
46:22 Stilema – Mondi Paralleli - NEW
53:49 Meuchelmord - Kind des Waldes - NEW
59:03 Heureka - Legion Erzengel Michael - NEW
03:45 Ensom -  The Weight of Truth - NEW
09:50 Euphemia Signe – Fly – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 118 – AAI 081820


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