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The Orthodox Nationalist: Insider’s Guide to Belarus – TON 081920

In this broadcast Dr Johnson adds more insider information on the violence in Belarus and its geopolitical significance.

In contact with sources on the ground, Dr. Johnson lays out a convincing set of reasons for the west's obsession with destroying Lukashenko and his Social-Nationalist system.

The media narrative on Belarus is false. Lukashenko remains a very popular politician in a harsh environment and his rejection of the Covid-19 scare has only increased this. 

His jealous guardianship of Belarus' sovereignty and his economic track record will guarantee his place in the nations history.

He is the architect of post-Soviet Belorussian identity and this has almost made him into a living legend.

A YouTube vlogger with 150,000 subscribers is hardly a challenge for such a man.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Insider’s Guide to Belarus – TON 081920


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