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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Mongol Myth – TON 080520

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson explodes the myth of the Mongol empire being an ethnic Mongolian empire.

This broadcast builds on several others from years ago debunking the existence of an east Asian, “Mongol Yoke” over Old Russia. In most of the world, this historical thesis has long been debunked. Only in the western world does it remain, justifying the treatment of Russians as “outsiders.” Even “diversity” has its limits, apparently. In this lecture, Russian language work from the great Russian historian Lev Gumilev (d. 1992) is used to continue the destruction of this pernicious myth. The writers of the eccentric New Chronology are also used, but only with the greatest of care. The case against the “Mongol Empire” in Russia is overwhelming.

The foreign empire that did affect Russia greatly was that of Khazaria, a topic Gumilev also dealt with in detail. In a preface to a later lecture, the connection of the proto-Bolshevist “Mazdak” movement in Persia to the Khazar empire is outlined, arguing, as Gumilev did, that both an early form of Bolshevism and Talmudist converts built the Khazar empire, making it a “Chimera,” in Gumilev's analysis. It is the reaction to Khazaria, not the “Tartar Yoke,” that created the earliest Russian identity.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Mongol Myth – TON 080520


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