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The Orthodox Nationalist: Why Do Jewish Elites Hate Europeans? – TON 082620

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson asks ‘Why do Jewish groups seek the destruction of Europe, a society that has permitted them to do so well?’

There have been other small, well-off minorities in European history such as the Arabs, Armenians, Persians and others that never behaved as Jews have. None were ever molested because none ever were seeking the destruction of the society around them. The answer is no mystery.

Few in number, Jews have become masters of divide and rule. Finland has about 400 Jews, but all the major newspapers are Jewish owned. Controlling information is a Jewish imperative. Rabbi David Weiss of the Hasidic group Neturei Karta states that Jews “should be good neighbors to all we live among.” His, however, is a minority opinion.

It seems bizarre that Jews, a wealthy, dominant elite in the US, should loathe the land that has been so wonderful to it. Answering that mystery is part of the purpose of this lecture. There is more at stake than dollars and cents. The Jewish imperative against Christianity and Whites more generally is more important. Without Christ, Judaism, as it exists today, would disappear tomorrow.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Why Do Jewish Elites Hate Europeans? – TON 082620


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