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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 120 - AAI090320

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Sven Longshanks checks out new releases from the different styles and genres made by White musicians from around the world.

Laid-back triphop beats provide a backing for Andrew Joyce to warn us about getting sucked into dialectics, before Graeda brings extra textures and dub bass for an up-tempo ambient tune.

Atmolifter increases the pace slightly adding a Jean-Michel Jarre influence for HeartBeat Hero to build upon with the odd flash of darksynth and understated cyberpunk bass.

Randolph and Mortimer drag an evangelical preacher out of retirement to relive the electro era of warehouse raves, while Mythical Vigilante goes for bass heavy retro with chaotic tremolo synth effects.

Cyberthing! goes full darksynth with a heavy marching anthem and plenty to keep the ears occupied before we ease into the rock section, with hybrid artist Awaiting Dawn adding electro-tinged metal to more of Nullus poetry.

Nebula Orionis use Norrhem style keyboards with slower beats for more of an ambient type of black metal, contrasting with the down and dirty heavy rock of Skumshot.

Escandalos break out the brass for some cheerful well-played ska-punk, before Juodvarnis make some equally well-played riff-tastic pagan metal with superb Scandinavian style vocals.

Nythgraph slow the pace with a blissed out string section sounding like Nachtreich in parts, before we awaken to Regnat Horrendum’s blast beats and tinkling ivories.

Eisenkult finish with an enchanting solo piano piece.

Tiwaz Tunes – Telegram
Graeda, Randolph and Mortimer, Mythical Vigilante, Cyberthing!, Awaiting Dawn, Nebula Orionis, Nythgraph, Regnat Horrendum – Self Released
Atmolifter, Heartbeat Hero – Soundcloud
Skumshot – Oldschool Records
Escandalos – Ring of Fire Records
Juodvarnis – Dangus Records
Eisenkult – Hammerstorm

01:06 Tiwaz Tunes feat. Andrew Joyce - Jewish Dialectic - NEW
05:29 Graeda – Myopic - NEW
09:53 Atmolifter and Procyon B – Data Flow - NEW
15:02 HeartBeat Hero - Synth Waves - NEW
20:07 Randolph and Mortimer - The Light - NEW
24:51 Mythical Vigilante – Chromatic - NEW
29:34 Cyberthing! – Target Hunter - NEW
34:09 Awaiting Dawn - Awakening v2 – NEW
39:26 Nebula Orionis -  Above the Clouds - NEW
44:07 Skumshot – Witchhunt - NEW
49:37 Escandalos – Dorfpunks - NEW
53:20 Juodvarnis - Sielos Dugne – NEW
59:53 Nythgraph - Safety Stone - NEW
10:39 Regnat Horrendum - Chapter V. Father and Son - NEW
16:18 Eisenkult – Zwischenspiel - NEW

Presented by Sven Longhanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency - AAI090320


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