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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 122 – AAI 091720

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Time for another celebration of White music with Sven Longshanks, from the explicit to the implicit you will hear only the finest crafted sonic excellence within.

The soft ambient waves of Graeda wash over us on the shore as we begin our journey, followed by the synth loops of Mental Minority trying to rekindle a sense of childhood wonder.

Document Lambda adds a hint of menace with acid squelch and funky hi-hats, while Cult of Neon turns up the suspense with a retro influence.

Mojave sprinkles some Latin flavours in among the funky garage beats for Atmolifter to counter with a Holon-influenced darksynth ambient piece.

Mythical Vigilante pays tribute to Miami Vice with a polished production and understated melodic fills, leaving it to the industrial electro of Armageddon Dildoes to finish off the electronica section.

The always cheerful Decency starts with pipe organ and jangly guitars leading us into the laid back and catchy alt-rock of For Null.

Wolfseye go full Hawkwind with keyboard as well as guitar soloes, before Lepoka break out the pipes and accordions for a boisterous and unmistakably Spanish bout of folk metal.

Svaskalver stay with the folk flavours for a Slavic knees up, getting the ears ready for a slice of Czech death metal from Nihillin.

White Egregor return with soprano vocals and strings, warming up for the epic sci-fi influenced ambient black metal of Aeonus and Vit Aggression play us out with an old SS marching song favourite on acoustic guitars.

Graeda, Mojave, Mythical Vigilante, The Decency, For Null - Soundcloud
Mental Minority, Document Lambda,Cult of Neon, Atmolifter, Armageddon Dildoes, Wolfseye, Svaskalver, Aeonus - Independent
Lepoka – On Fire Records
Nihilin – Spotify
White Egregor – Youtube
Vit Aggression – Death Squad Productions

01:01 Graeda – Deluge - NEW
04:44 Mental Minority - Childhood Whispers - NEW
10:43 Document Lambda – Superliminal - NEW
15:08 Cult of Neon – Riot - NEW
17:49 Mojave - Open Flame - NEW
20:55 Atmolifter – Expanse - NEW
24:02 Mythical Vigilante – Crocket’s Scheme - NEW
28:40 Armageddon Dildoes - Dystopia - Intent Outtake Lager II Mix - NEW
34:40 The Decency – At Least You and I Are Sane – NEW
37:46 For Null – We Shouldn’t Have to Live This Way - NEW
41:51 Wolfseye – Dispossessed
46:35 Lepoka - Seguimos en Pie - NEW
49:40 Svaskalver - Да будет так - NEW
53:12 Nihillin - Nihillin
58:48 White Egregor - Непорочный
04:44 Aeonus - Красный смерч
18:20 Vit Aggression - Pa Vikingtag, Pt. II – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 122 – AAI 091720


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