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The Orthodox Nationalist: Kyle Rittenhouse and the Biden KLA Connection – TON 090220

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at the smearing of Kyle Rittenhouse and Biden’s backing for the Kosovan Liberation Army.

Today's broadcast covers two topics. The first is the saga of Kyle Rittenhouse. His heroic actions under the most intense attack is worthy of praise. His composure under fire is something experienced soldiers and policeman might envy. If this young man is convicted, then self defense has been made illegal for whites.

The second has been touched on here before: the connection of Joe Biden to the Kosovo Liberation Army, the terror cell that the US backed in its takeover of that part of Serbia, cleansing it of the “uncooperative” Serbs. In 1993, on CNN’s Larry King Live, Biden called the Serbs “illiterate degenerates, baby killers, butchers, and rapists.” And during the 1999 NATO attack on Serbia, he appeared on Meet the Press on May 9, 1999 too, and demanded a “Japanese-German style occupation of that country.” The Albanian lobby worldwide has given millions of dollars to Biden's campaigns over the decades. Since heroin and prostitution are the only economic activity in Kosovo, the money must come from that.

Dr. Johnson apologizes for mispronouncing the terror leader Hashim Thaci's name, but honestly, he couldn't be bothered to even look it up. We hope he rots in prison.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Kyle Rittenhouse and the Biden KLA Connection – TON 090220


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