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The Orthodox Nationalist: Logos in St. Gregory of Nyssa II – TON 091620

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson explains the theological system used for creation and how it is reflected in language.

Approaching the subject more broadly, the doctrine of the church is encapsulated in the idea of Logos. When God creates out the fullness of his very being, two things are created: The universal objects and the particular objects dependent upon them. The hierarchy is clear: Pure Being overflows and creates the most important Ideas; these Ideas, in a sense, “create” what is below them, the particulars in matter.

The world, put simply, is distinguished between the universal and the particular, the latter encased in matter and the former serve as its principle. Only the universal has being. The universal here is not “universal” in Aristotle's sense. It is not abstract. For Realism, the Idea is the most concrete thing in existence. It is the particular that is abstract unless understood as an aspect of the Idea, the universal which serves as the goal and source of the particular.

While this seems excessively abstract, it serves as the foundation for understanding the concept of evil. As all mental illness is based on delusion, all evil is based on the misuse of things. Language isn't used to inform, it is meant to deceive. If universals aren't real, then language doesn't refer to anything but that which is created by the powerful.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Logos in St. Gregory of Nyssa II – TON 091620


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