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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 125 – AAI 100820

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Lots of variety on tonight’s show, ranging from laid back ambient tunes to brutal extreme metal, there’s something for everyone's ears.

Graeda starts like Holon but with more of a human feel to it, before the chirping crickets and dub basslines of Supercell Storm take over.

Mythical Vigilante adds disco samples and garage beats, while Pixelorb brings a driving rhythm with eighties trills and complimentary melodies floating in and out.

Suicide Commando takes things in a darker direction with industrial kick drums and thoughtful lyrics, taking us into a Nullus poem set to new wave synths and guitars from Synthicide and For Null.

Neurowolf brings us back into the light with a trance number, contrasting with the brutal noise of Anaal Nathrakh’s opening to the metal section.

Streitmacht hit the high notes for some NY punk German style, before we calm things down with the 12 string guitars and pipes of Slavland.

Dysthemia show influences from viking metal to black ‘n roll, leading us into the orchestral instruments and melancholy melodies of Larets Zatocheniya.

Haspyd’s guitar soloes mix traditional instruments and folk flavours for a bombastic rock out, leaving it to Arkuda to finish the Slavic section with a masterful pagan metal epic with superb harmonising on the bass guitar.

Hiraeth and St Friendship play us out with acoustic guitar, backward masked organ and soft strings.

Graeda, Supercell Storm, Pixelorb – Soundcloud
Mythical Vigilante, Neurowolf, Ларец Заточения (Larets Zatocheniya) – Independent
Suicide Commando – Out of Line
Synthicide, Hiraeth and St Friendship – Youtube
Anaal Nathrakh – Metal Blade Records
Streitmacht – Das Zeughaus
Slavland – Eastside
Dysthemia – Unknown
Haspyd – Eternal Winter Records
Arkuda – Militant Zone

00:58 Graeda – Infinite Plane - NEW
04:57 Supercell Storm - Heart of the Forest - NEW
10:27 Mythical Vigilante – Ozona – Moonwave – Remix - NEW
15:36 Pixelorb – Rise of the Orb - NEW
21:14 Suicide Commando - Jesus Wept (Resurrect V.2020) - NEW
26:36 Synthicide – The Vanishing Generation - NEW
31:09 Neurowolf - The Worlds Collide
35:22 Anaal Nathrakh - Create Art, Though the World May Perish - NEW
40:28 Streitmacht - Die Wiedergeburt - NEW
43:39 Slavland – 1672 - NEW
46:58 Dysthemia - Zeichen des Zerfalls - NEW
52:52 Ларец Заточения - Смерть это судьба – NEW
59:58 Haspyd – Танок – NEW
04:52 Arkuda - Соколиным криком – NEW
17:42 Hiraeth and St Friendship – Glimmer – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 125 – AAI 100820


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