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The Daily Nationalist: The French Response – DN 102120

Sven Longshanks covers positive news stories from France and Britain, about banning anti-Islamophobia NGO’s and the teaching of BLM in schools.

France has shut down one mosque and several NGOs including the Collective Against Islamophobia’ the French equivalent of ‘Tell Mama’

French Moslem pupils have been cheering the burning of the French flag and highlighting inconsistencies in the French approach to ‘hate speech’, likening the mocking of Mohammed to holocaust denial.

During a debate on Black History Month in the UK, MPs have confirmed that teaching ‘White privilege’ and inherited racial guilt for Whites is completely against the law.

‘Cultural Marxism’ was also brought up and a condemnation of the term ‘institutional racism’ as well as the teaching of BLM theories with no opposing views in schools.  

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: The French Response – DN 102120


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