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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 129 – AAI 110520

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Lots of darksynth and patriotic rock on tonight’s episode, as we check out the latest tunes from the implicit and explicitly White music genres.

Solarras begins with slow moving dungeonsynth soon overtaken by the light retro-ambient beats of Wolfgaze and the darker and more involved production work of Amalec, highlighting Hiraeth’s mournful vocals.

Jack Hwites strumming lifts the mood with a Synthicide remix, before Document Lambda picks up the pace and reimagines one of his favourite tunes by Carpenter Brut.

Celeritas Tenebris is back with that flanging bass noise he uses, this time with a tribute to ‘Doom’ and Diversant 13 bring industrial and techno influences to the mix.

Nameless Computer’s darksynth melodies float above a staccato bassline breaking into a classical interlude, before Chaos Vector finishes the synthwave section with a suspense filled cyberpunk stomper.

Volk Dissident is the latest artist to get the Nullus poetry treatment before Svornost ease us into the metal section with a cheerful female led melodic punk tune.

Erebos show their symphonic leanings right from start with a piano introduction overlaid by strings before the guitars join with Viking style riffs, followed by Wayfarer taking the genre one step further with post-black metal tuning and a wild west theme.

CelestiC play superfast technical death metal with folk flourishes and muted falsetto in a nod to the old days, before legendary rockers Bound for Glory play us out with a classic ballad from their back catalogue.

Solarras, Wolfgaze, Amalec, Nameless Computer, Chaos Vector, Nameless Computer – Soundcloud
Synthicide/Jack Hwite, Nullus – Youtube
Document Lambda, Celeritas Tenebris, Diversant 13, Erebos, CelestiC – Self Released
Svornost – Olifant Records/Askania Productions
Wayferer – Profound Lore Records
Bound for Glory – Unofficial Release

00:52 Solarras – Skimmer - NEW
02:24 Wolfgaze – Exiled - NEW
08:08 Amalec - Voice of Our Ancestors - NEW
13:13 Synthicide Remix – Jack Hwite – Western Apocalypse Now
17:46 Document Lambda – Turbo Killer - NEW
21:35 Celeritas Tenebris - Donna To The Rescue - NEW
24:22 Diversant 13 - Circle Of Decay
30:13 Nameless Computer – Ego Death - NEW
35:30 Chaos Vector – Apostate – NEW
39:24 Nullus – Illegitimate - NEW
44:19 Svornost - Obranci A Tvoritele - NEW
49:30 Erebos - Melodies of the Beginnings - NEW
59:25 Wayfarer - Masquerade of the Gunslingers - NEW
09:44 CelestiC - Celestial Palace - NEW
15:22 Bound For Glory - Bountiful Life

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 129 – AAI 110520


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