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The Orthodox Nationalist: The List Murders of 1971 – TON 111120

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson suggests some of the causes that may have led to a man murdering his entire family almost fifty years ago.

Society in 2020 has broken down, ruled openly by oligarchs who rig whatever they please to continue their rule, assuming the white male won't have the confidence to fight back.

In this broadcast, the case of John List will be analysed. It was 49 years ago almost to the day when List, having lost his job, slaughtered his whole family just a few blocks from where I grew up. In fact, I was born two weeks before these killings.

Most of this broadcast is on the means by which the entertainment media such as A&E and The History Channel have covered up the cause of List's breakdown: the revolutionary changes imposed by capital in the US during this time. Strong white patriarchs were being replaced, laid off and ritually humiliated in TV and movies. The insanity of List is a mirror of the insanity around him.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The List Murders of 1971 – TON 111120


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