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Parish of the Patriots: The Power of the Wider Narrative - PP 122920

Grandpa Dan returns for another riveting installment of The Parish of the Patriots. There are no ads or pay walls here, instead we have voluntary listener support. If you want to be a part of that, you can find the information at the bottom of this page.

While more and more people are becoming aware of the media’s narrative and agenda, very few fully grasp the power and control that comes from the wider narrative. For instance, many on the right will be quick to acknowledge that the media lies, yet many of these same people will fall right back into line with the broader narrative being promoted by that very same media.

A good example of this can be seen by contrasting the Left’s reaction to the violent actions of BLM and Antifa with the Right’s reaction to Charlottesville. No matter how many buildings were burnt, people assaulted or businesses looted, the left never even attempted to distance themselves and instead, defended the perpetrators. In comparison when the legal, peaceful protesters in Charlottesville were attacked by an illegally gathered mob of communists, the right fell straight into line with the wider narrative that only those on the right could be blamed for the violence. This is more than an academic exercise, as right now a far more sinister narrative is being promoted when it comes to the doom floo and the solutions being presented.

In the Christian segment this week, we will be looking at Satan’s role in dominion over this fallen world, your role as a Christian believer and God’s role with his larger plan. We have just finished celebrating Christmas which is a victory celebration. No matter how things may look, Satan has lost this war. The die has been cast and the outcome has been predetermined. Now Satan is simply burning everything he can down on his way out.

However as a Christian believer you cannot simply sit back and do nothing. Just as a soldier must carry out his duty on the front lines (or in a support role for that matter), you as a Christian soldier must carry out your part in God’s overall plan. Have faith, you serve under the most competent General that has ever existed.

Bible verse this week will be Mathew 24: 42-47

Whether this is your first time stopping by or you are a regular member of the congregation, this show is different to any other. We laugh, we find humor, we tackle life or death reality and we strive to strengthen our Christian faith. No other show does what this show does in the manner that it does. If you listen once, you will no doubt want to be back again for The Parish of the Patriots.

Keep the faith for Victory is ours.

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Parish of the Patriots: The Power of the Wider Narrative - PP 122920


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