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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 133 – AAI 120320

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

A show for the musicians among the listeners tonight, with lots of originality and innovation among the instruments and sound cards.

Planetshine begins with solitary organ and triphop beats adding glockenspiel trills floating around the aether, before Halindir joins with a mediaeval theremin orchestra conducted by a shaman’s drum.

Document Lambda slows the pace with acoustic guitar and squelchy acid bass, only for Birovious to speed it up again with funky breaks and a Happy Mondays vibe.

Modernicide II brings together the most unexpected beats with dub bass, church bell melodies and acid squiggles before Xurious and Elessar team up for a screaming guitar version of an old classic.

The Great Order’s musical debut blends sixties influences with modern production values sounding like Gong’s ‘Flying Teapot’ in parts, while Hungarica get a metal groove on with hardcore sections.

Vapor Hiemis’ recognisable voice and sharp digitised sound gives way to the ever-building trance like riffs of My Skin is Multicam and Sokyra Peruna stay with the nu-metal sound for a 2020 version of ‘Invictus’.

Kolovrat remind us of what incredible musicians they were and what a scandal it is that they can no longer even rehearse together without state interference, leaving it to their fellow countryman Sad Blyte to finish the show with an epic classical piano piece.

Planetshine, Document Lambda, Vapor Hiemis, Sad Blyte, Коловрат – Self Released
Halindir, Birovius, Modernicide II  – Soundcloud
Xurious and Elessar, Hungarica  – Youtube
My Skin is Multicam – Militant Camp
Sokyra Peruna – PC Records

01:23 Planetshine - Beyond Reality - NEW
09:26 Halindir - Hedelandet III - NEW
12:01 Document Lambda – Seventy Years Ago We Were Much Better Off - NEW
17:59 Birovius – Exit the Hive Mind - NEW
24:17 Modernicide II - Ides of April - NEW
30:48 Xurious and Elessar – Camp of the Saints 2020 – NEW
36:33 The Great Order - Someone To Know - NEW
40:11 Hungarica – Demokratura - NEW
43:40 Vapor Hiemis – Sercy Pounyja Zimy - NEW
49:16 My Skin is Multicam - Triumph of Intelligence and Strength - NEW
54:41 Sokyra Peruna - Invictus (Neue Version 2020) - NEW
58:27 Коловрат - Слава Движению! – NEW
03:32 Sad Blyte - Autumn Yearning

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 133 – AAI 120320


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