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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 134 - AAI 121020

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Lots of retro house grooves and pagan metal on the show tonight, plus the return of some old favourites.

Modernicide II begins with a nod to his earlier fashwave days showcasing a bouncy bassline and cheery house melodies, followed by a bit of boom-tiss, boom-tiss new wave, with great cynical lyrics from Brutalist Architecture in the Sun.

Document Lambda sticks to simple pulsing bass and melancholic organ loops, while Mythical Vigilante rolls three songs into one covering martial industrial, retro and breaks.

Blut Adler keeps up the pace as AKM with a darksynth remix featuring plenty of syncopation and Daft Punk influences, followed by spooky fifties sci-fi and cyberpunk electro-funk courtesy of Control Panel.

Nachtmahr finish the electronica section with a high-NRG industrial workout and Arcane North start the rock section with atmospheric black metal and evensong chanting.

Ubermensch add harmonies among the nu-metal growls, followed by heavy riffs and a chorus of nostalgia from Randgruppe Deutsch.

‘Final Countdown’ synths make a comeback with Legendire before the emotive voice of Thamnos rings out, blending influences from many different metal genres into a cohesive fantasy-inspired whole.

Legendary Russian pagan metal band Butterfly Temple bring a brass section and female vocalist topped off by fellow countryman Lesiar’s string section and angst-ridden vocals.

For Null’s third different remix of a Hiraeth classic finishes the podcast, with evocative cellos and trip-hop beats.

Modernicide II, AKM, Control Panel  – Soundcloud
Brutalist Architecture in the Sun, Document Lambda, Mythical Vigilante, Thamnos, Lesiar, For Null  – Self Released
Nachtmahr – Trisol
Arcane North - Wulfhere Productions
Ubermensch, Randgruppe Deutsch – Unofficial Release
Legendire - VK
Butterfly Temple – Spotify

00:55 Modernicide II – Clouds of Delusion - NEW
06:09 Brutalist Architecture in the Sun - Beautiful Names for Ugly Places - NEW
10:33 Document Lambda – Anemoia - NEW
14:55 Mythical Vigilante – Desert Palms - NEW
20:51 AKM – Uebok Remix - NEW
25:52 Control Panel – Invaders - NEW
31:05 Nachtmahr - Die Straße (Dark By Design Remix) – NEW
38:13 Arcane North - Invoke the Spirit of the North - NEW
46:11 Ubermensch - Lied Der Linde - NEW
50:21 Randgruppe Deutsch - Gefangen (feat. Sturmrebellen) - NEW
54:58 Legendire - Brave New World - NEW
00:22 Thamnos - Isle of Hollow Souls - NEW
05:09 Butterfly Temple – Гром - NEW
10:18 Lesiar – Krovosmesheniye Propastey – NEW
15:51 For Null Remix – Hiraeth - Sunset Over the West

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 134 - AAI 121020


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